Kee Photographics by Ash Bosamia is a UK based company with over 24 years experience...

Kee Photographics takes pride in its professional field of Photography, with the knowledge to cover all types of Weddings and Events.

Whether this is a full blown Church/Registry Weddings or a full blown Indian Wedding, not forgetting this may encompass Hindu, Islamic (Muslim) and Sikh.  As we are so experienced in what we do we travel up and down the Country and Europe and the rest of the World.  Our vision is always to put the customer first and create images that suit the clients in question. At a wedding it is a romantic but relaxed approach so as not to overtake the planning done by the couple. 

When doing Events, it is choosing the correct background to suit the occasion and having the option to have prints on the day/night; this keeps the excitement of the atmosphere. Whether it is a School Prom, a Charity Event raising money for people in need,  Masonic Events, Ladies Nights or a Company Promotion day it is always good for people to take something away to remember the Event.

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